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The fuel pump strainer (also referred to as a fuel pump sock or pre-filter) attaches directly to the bottom of the fuel pump, and prevents dirt, sand, tank sediment, gasoline deposits and varnish, and other foreign objects from clogging up the inner workings of an electric fuel pump motor. A clogged fuel pump strainer is many times the cause of premature fuel pump failure. ATV/UTV and other off-road powersports applications are especially susceptible to clogged strainers, due to their harsh and oftentimes dusty operating environments. When left inactive, gasoline also has a tendency to varnish, creating a thick layer which covers all components inside the fuel tank. A varnished or clogged strainer restricts flow, forcing the fuel pump to work harder, leading to premature failure. As such, fuel pump strainers should be considered preventative maintenance and replaced between seasons or whenever the tank is flushed or removed. Quantum stocks a vast selection of fuel strainers for both OEM replacement and Walbro fuel pumps, as well as custom applications.

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