Oetiker Pex Clamps

Quantum Stainless Steel Oetiker Pex Clamps ensure full 360 compression of plastic or rubber fuel line without the risk of expansion or corrosion. Pex clamps secure and tighten fuel lines in your fuel pump assembly and fuel system ensuring against leaks that lead to pressure drops and premature failure of fuel pumps. All clamps sizes use the same pex clamp tool found here for easy installation.

Stepless Clamps have no steps or gaps on their inner circumference. They are designed in such a way that at installation, a metal tongue slips into a corresponding groove. 

Standard series Stepless Ear Clamps are especially well suited to applications involving both flexible and inflexible thin-walled hoses with high “Shore” hardness.

The result is effective clamping of a wide variety of hose materials, of extremely soft and of extremely resistant parts.