Fuel Pump Boosters


kenne-bell-category-image.pngA time tested and proven Kenne Bell innovation, the BOOST-A-PUMP powers some of the world’s most powerful production street and competition vehicles. It activates only at full throttle or boost, so it doesn’t “bloat” or “overload” the fuel system at idle or cruise where full time pumps and extra fuel are not required. So the fuel isn’t overheated (gasoline begins to boil at 87°). No “cool can” is necessary. And it’s much easier to install (cut one wire) and more reliable than upgrading the fuel pump itself inside the tank where sometimes that simply isn’t possible (no viable pump upgrade exists).  Since the BAP is also a voltage regulator (exclusive to KB), it helps prevent engine damage from low voltage/ reduced pump flow during electrical overload or failure. It will attempt to stabilize the pump voltage and maintain sufficient fuel flow.

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