jet ski fuel filterRegular upkeep and maintenance are the best ways to keep an engine system in great working order. Checking on the fuel filter and fuel pump are also key steps in making sure that a vehicle’s engine will perform successfully. This is true for a jet ski fuel filter and pump, a snowmobile fuel filter and pump, and other types of filters and pumps such as marine fuel pumps, motorcycle fuel pumps, and more. Let’s look at five simple tips for keeping a fuel pump in great shape, no matter what kind of vehicle it’s operating in.

  • Keep It Cool

  • One of the first things to remember is that a fuel pump is an electrical motor. Whether it’s a jet ski fuel filter and pump system, a performance fuel pump or a snowmobile fuel pump, neither the filter nor the pump should get overheated. The way to do this is to always have at least a half-tank of fuel to keep the pump dunking in fluid and cool at all times.

  • Keep It Satisfied

  • Don’t try to keep your fuel pump in good shape by skimping on the type of fuel you use. This is true for a jet ski fuel filter and pump system as well as the system on a motorcycle. The pump needs to be immersed in fluid to operate well, and it needs to be good fuel. Not watered down, low-quality fuel. Use only good quality, top of the line fuel.

  • Keep It Fresh

  • Do you fill up your tank every week or two at the most? If not, then your fuel might gel in your tank. How is your fuel pump supposed to pump gel? It’s not. So you need to use an anti-ethanol agent to make sure your fuel stays in a fluid state.

  • Keep It Clean

  • Give your fuel pump and fuel filter system a break. No matter how many miles you on your vehicle, if your fuel filter is not in the tank, then be vigilant and make sure you change your fuel filter every year.

  • Keep It Uncontaminated

  • You don’t want to get dirt in your tank under any circumstances. If you pull into a station for gas and the tanks at the are getting filled up, move on. There’s just too much gunk and dirt and grit around at that time for you to fill up and confidently keep your own engine clean.

If your engine stalls, misfires, or has a lack of power, it could be related to your fuel pump system. As logic would dictate, the more efficient the fuel pump, the more it gets gas to the engine. Both Walbro and Quantum fuel pumps are excellent choices for various types of vehicles. Today, it has been reported that durability is the reason for 80% of the most common repairs on cars. This principle goes for other vehicles, too. When a fuel pump or fuel filter is faulty, damaged, or failing, the best move is to examine them both and replace them with parts that are in good condition and able to do the job.