atv fuel line

Driving your ATV can be a blast in the winter, but when the weather gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your ATV in good condition. Low temperatures during the winter months can drastically reduce the performance and durability of your ATV. With four-fifths of automotive repairs related to durability, there’s a good chance you will have to take your ATV to the mechanic if you don’t treat it right during the winter.

Here are three tips to maintain your ATV during the wintertime, so you don't have to take it to the shop when you could be out on the trails.

Filter Your Fuel

One of the most common problems ATVs experience during the winter is start-up sluggishness due to poor quality fuel. Almost all brands of fuel have some water in them, but low-quality contains most of this contaminant. When temperatures lower, water in the ATV fuel line and fuel tank freezes, which can make starting your ATV a struggle. To reduce the amount of moisture in your ATV fuel line, and to reduce the likelihood of any startup issues, it is best to filter your fuel using an ATV inline fuel filter or any other fuel filter. Once your fuel is filtered, you'll notice improved ATV performance this winter.

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

Before winter starts, and temperatures begin to drop, it is best to change ATV oil filters. Be sure to also change the oil you use for your ATV to the appropriate viscosity and type for colder weather, so that your engine stays lubricated and running smoothly in all conditions. This step will help prevent any potentially catastrophic engine problems while starting up and running your ATV in colder weather.

Warm Up Your ATV Slowly

Just like your car, it's best to let your ATV warm up before driving. Try not to turn on your ATV and immediately accelerate as quickly as you can. Instead, it is better to be patient, and let your ATV idle for a while before hitting the trails. Let the ATV idle for as much as ten minutes to heat up different parts of the engine. When you finally do begin to move, try taking the first couple minutes at a slower pace, around five mph, to keep warming up the cold machine. Warming up your ATV in this way will help extend its use and durability during the colder months.

Use these tips to properly maintain and use your ATV when temperatures get cold outside. Prevent any startup issues from happening by changing your oil, and removing the moisture from your ATV fuel line. Warming up slowly will also help keep your ATV in top condition. Remember these tips to protect your ATV for many winter adventures to come.