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Quantum 265LPH Intank Fuel Pump Acura EL 2003-2005

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  • Correct strainer shape and orientation ensures the pump does not suck air (which leads to pump cavitation and failure)

  • Wiring pigtail (included when necessary) designed to handle increased amperage draw of 265LPH fuel pump.

  • Plug and play wiring harnesses included when available.  More harnesses being developed continuously.

  • Corrugated E85 compatible flex hoses included with GM, BMW, and universal kits.

  • Independently flowtested by RC Engineering

  • Serialized fuel pump body guarantees Lifetime warranty.  Quantum has built its reputation on providing a lifetime warranty for all its OEM and performance fuel pumps.

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Availability: Available on Dec. 30
Pricing: $79.98


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Suggested Add-On


Quantum Inline High-Flow Viton Fuel Pump Check Valve 8mm / 5/16"



A common side effect of high volume (and OEM) intank fuel pumps are their inability to maintain static fuel pressure when the vehicle sits for any extended period of time.  This leads to a "hard starting" condition where the starter must engage continuously for 3-4 seconds (or longer) before the motor will finally start.  This side effect is commonplace with all high performance, high volume fuel pumps including Walbro, AEM, Aeromotive, and Quantum fuel pumps.  Our check valve resolves this issue once and for all, and can be used either intank, or externally.  It features a high-flow design which uses viton seals and stainless steel internals which are compatible with modern pump gasoline as well as E85.  This check valve will not significantly alter the flow capabilities of your pump, but it will make sure that the car starts instantly, every single time.  We recommend installing an inline check valve even with a brand new pump, so the tank doesn't need to be dropped again a few months later.





Extended Description

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  • 11mm OD (0.433") parallel inlet

  • 8mm OD (0.315") outlet

  • 38mm (1.540") pump body diameter

  • 120mm (4.75") length

  • 65mm (2.65") case length (length of black metal body only)

  • Coating: corrosion resistant black plated steel w/ laser etched serial number.

  • Bypass valve set at 125.8psi, higher than both Walbro GSS series 255LPH pumps, and Walbro 400/ 450LPH pumps

  • Intank/ submersible design, cannot be used outside of tank

  • May be used with return or returnless fuel systems, including PWM (pulse modulated systems)

  • Integrated check valve built into fuel pump outlet.

  • Can be used with EFI or carbureted applications (in most cases the stock EFI fuel pressure regulator can be used, carbureted applications will require aftermarket bypass style regulator)

  • Can be used with gasoline or E85 (E85 will lower lifespan of this pump)


Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 0.5 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L5.0000”