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Similar to MM's front coil-over kits, these rear coil-over kits (for 1979-2004 Mustangs) optimize spring location and reduce unsprung weight for improved handling and ride quality. Because converting to coil-overs drastically reduces suspension bind, springs that provide much higher wheel rates than stock can be used without the impact harshness caused by using higher than original equipment spring rates in the stock location.

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Even more information about coil-over kits can be found here in the coil-over FAQ's.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a rear coil over kit for Tokico shocks. The Tokico shocks cannot handle the additional load that will be applied to it with a coil over conversion. Tokico uses solely what is known as a "friction weld" to attach the bottom mounting eyelet. This method isn't secure enough when supporting the cyclic loading of the full weight of the rear of the car. Bilstein and Koni both use the friction weld as well as an additional weld around the outside of the bottom eyelet. Tokico has no plans to change their attachment method, so if you are looking to install a rear coil over kit, currently Bilstein and Koni are the only options.

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