BMW E39 5-Series & E38 7-Series Fuel Pump Install Guide

1997-2003 BMW 5-Series

1997-2003 BMW 5-Series (E39) and 1995-2001 BMW 7-Series (E38) OEM Fuel Pump Install Guide

Write-up by Justin L. Blessinger, Madison, SD. Bimmerboard user justible.


High Flow Performance

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1: Disconnect negative terminal on battery. Remove the back seat.


2: Disconnect wiring harness or just leave the seat in this position.


3: Remove rubber barrier / insulation. Blade is only necessary if your fuel pump has never been replaced.


4: Remove 4 Phillips head screws from grommet.


5: Remove several bolts with 10mm socket.


6: Clamp fuel line; this C clamp works well.


7: Again, if this is your bimmer's first time, you'll have to remove the factory hose clamps. Be gentle. You don't want to replace the fuel line too.


8: Have some rags handy to catch any drips.


9: After removing wiring harness, lift off fuel tank grommet. Pinch the black tabs (can't be seen here) that keep the fuel pump carriage snug, and simply lift it and the fuel level float out. Be careful not to bend the fuel pump float.


10: The new fuel pump with protective red cap. Green thing is the new pump screen, included.



11: Another view; note the two sizes of wiring connectors. You can’t accidentally reverse polarity.


12: Now to remove the old fuel pump from its carriage, which took me longer than the rest of the process combined. I hope you can learn from my mistakes.


13: First, slide the rubber "feet" out of their grooves. This was easy with a flatblad to get them started.  In my care to protect the plastic fuel line, I snapped the nipple off the old pump. No biggie, but it made removing the line more difficult. Used a screw to "grab" the broken nipple, and a tiny screwdriver to slide in and loosen the fuel line's grip.


14: I didn't have enough hands, even with a friend's help, to snap a picture of removing the old pump. There are at least 5 springy plastic tabs holding it in. Pry 4 of them back and it will fall out. You'll probably need a friend and 4 small flatblades.


15: Just snap in the new one, but note the orientation. The dimple lines up with the groove where my left hand's middle finger is sitting.


16: Reattach wiring and install new hose clamp (not pictured).


17: Installation is reverse of removal, but be careful when inserting the pump and float so no damage occurs.