1992-1997 Volvo 850

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1992-1997 Volvo 850 (Includes R models) 255LPH Fuel Pump Install Guide


High Flow Fuel Systems, Inc.


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1. Lift up your backseats and carpet, use something heavy to hold the carpet in place.  Unscrew the following 4 screws and remove the backing plate:


2. Remove the metal cover underneath the backing plate marked by the arrow below:


3. Remove the electrical connector and hoses, using a large screwdriver to push back the black plastic

retaining clips while pulling the hoses back:


4. Remove the big plastic ring which holds the pump assembly together.  Again, a big screwdriver is useful here (the picture below shows the fuel hoses still in place):


5. Remove the fuel pump assembly with the fuel level gauge sensor.  Keep a shop rag handy to avoid fuel droplets:


6. With the assembly out, remove the plastic ring and the rubber sealing as indicated by the red arrows:


6. Disassemble the assembly.  Remove the 2 thin wires (green arrows) and use a small screwdriver to remove the clips (red arrows).  There are 3 clips total, only 2 can be seen in the picture:


7. Before pulling out the lower part of the assembly, use a small screwdriver to help slide out the part shown by the red arrow below:


8. The lower assembly separated from the upper assembly:


9. Carefully remove the electrical connector and rubber hose:


10. The OEM (above) and 255LPH pumps (below) next to each other:

11. Prepare the new pump.  As you can see below the Positive and Negative terminals are different on the new pump:


12.  Insert a small screwdriver or pick into the top of the connector housing.  Pull out the wire and screwdriver together, and you can switch the terminals from one side to the other:


13. The HFP-340 255LPH pump requires a larger strainer.  Attach the strainer to the base of the pump, and cut a "V" in the plastic ridges of the strainer in order to fold it over (you will hear the plastic "snap"):



14. Reinstall the connector and the hose as shown with red arrows, as well as the rubber seal shown by the rubber seal:


15. Reassemble the upper and lower parts of the assembly, while guiding the filter into the lower half.


16. The reassembled assembly.  Reattach the two small wires indicated by the red arrow:


17. Reinstall the assembly back into the tank.  Pull back the carpet and the back seat, and enjoy your new High Flow Fuel Systems 255LPH fuel pump!