3 Signs Your Snowmobile's Fuel Pump is Failing

replacement snowmobile fuel pumps

Now that the summer is winding down, many people are turning their mind to winter sports. If you're starting to bring your snowmobile out of storage, you may find that there are maintenance issues that you never got around to last winter. One of the most important components of any engine, your snowmobile included, is the fuel pump. If it begins to fail, fuel won't get to the engine, and your snowmobile won't run. Here are some signs that your fuel pump has gone bad and is in need of maintenance or replacement snowmobile fuel pumps.

Engine Cranks but Won't Start

If your engine cranks but won't start, or turns over but won't start, it's highly likely the fuel pump is to blame, and you'll need to replace it. Before you do, check the spark plugs, the timing belt, and any other likely culprits to make sure you're not overlooking a simple fix.

Losing Power

Any time your snowmobile is losing power, especially when traveling at high speed or climbing up a hill, then something in the fuel line is the culprit, but it's unlikely that a fuel pump failure is to blame. However, if you're losing power intermittently while traveling on flat ground, and you've determined that it's not your snowmobile fuel filter, then you'll need to start pricing replacement snowmobile fuel pumps pronto because you're on the way to a fuel pump failing altogether.

Losing Power From Stop

If you're experiencing a stutter when you accelerate from a dead stop, then that means that your fuel pump isn't getting fuel to the accelerating motor. This will result in a stutter; you'll go for a moment, stop, then take off again. Another possible issue that a stutter from stop could point to is a bad oxygen sensor, so you'll want to look there too. If your oxygen sensor checks out, then your fuel filter is likely failing.

Winter is coming, and with it, a chance to get back on your snowmobile and enjoy the trails. With the average snowmobiler traveling over 1,250 miles a year, there's no room for faulty equipment, so staying on top of maintenance is crucial. If you suspect your fuel pump has gone bad and you want to start pricing replacement snowmobile fuel pumps, contact us today, and we'll help you get on the road by the time the first snow falls.