fuel filters

As with all components of your motorcycle, you want to be certain that you're using the best fuel filters and fuel pumps. Cutting corners in this area can quickly lead to more complex problems that are easily avoided by choosing the right parts up front. The highest amount of registered private and commercial motorcycles in the country are in the states of California, New York, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, with over 390,000 registrations in the year 2016. As such, the market for fuel filters and fuel pumps has grown, which means that now there are more choices than ever. While this can be overwhelming, you can reduce your decision fatigue by focusing on some key components.Follow our simple guidelines to make sure you're making the correct decisions for the quality and efficiency of your motorcycle.

First off, you'll want to determine the type of fuel pump that you're looking for. Most modern pumps operate within the fuel tank. However, some fuel pumps have the option of being mounted external to the fuel tank. A newer line such as the Walbro GSL Series give you benefit of sharing the same dimensions and threading. This makes it easier to apply a Walbro pump to your vehicle's specific needs.

It's also important to consider pressure. To determine what pressure is right for your motorcycle, you'll need to factor in the horsepower your engine produces on average. It's also easy to locate the fuel pressure that's required by your engine. These two figures are related in that one will determine the other. You'll also want to make note of your max pressure so that you can adjust your choices depending on how far you are able to push your engine.

For fuel filters, you should consult ratings. Different companies provide different rating systems, but if you go with a trusted brand like Quantum or Walbro, you should have no trouble locating their rating systems. Generally speaking, fuel filter ratings tell you how many particles the filter is capturing. It's helpful to consult with your manufacturer to determine what's required for your specific needs.

Investing in the right fuel pump and filters will improve your performance on the road. By choosing a trustworthy brand you're doing a favor for the overall function of your motorcycle so it can get you where you need to go with the highest fuel efficiency.