jet ski fuel filters

Summer is officially here and jet skiing is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends while staying cool. Compared to boats, jet skis don't need as many safety checks and repairs before they're ready to head out on the water. But they still need routine maintenance and repairs.

By taking preventative measures, you can have fun on your jet ski for years to come without worrying about getting stranded out on the water. Here are a few maintenance tips you can use to keep your jet ski in great shape.

  1. Read and follow the owner's manual. You want to make sure you're referencing your jet ski's owner's manual for specific things you might need and the exact procedures you ought to follow. Your owner's manual provides maintenance tips based on your jet ski's specific make or model.
  2. Maintain your jet ski's engine fluids. Older model jet skis have 2-stroke engines. This means they require premixed fuel and oil. However, newer jet skis that have a 4-stroke engine don't require mixed solutions but have separate oil and fuel areas. That said, it's important that you properly evaluate your jet ski's fuel depending on the engine your jet ski has. Be sure to add a fuel cleaner and stabilizer before you start your jet ski if you stored it with fuel in the engine and no fuel stabilizer.
  3. Maintain your jet ski's fuel system. Your jet ski's fuel system is just as important as the fuel itself. The fuel should be flowing steadily throughout the engine and the fuel pump should be delivering fuel when necessary. If your jet ski is losing power periodically, there may be something wrong with the fuel pump or fuel filter.

Need replacement jet ski fuel filters and other equipment?

It's no secret that jet skiing is a summer favorite. In fact, up to 5.42 million people participated in jet skiing in 2017. But your jet ski needs routine maintenance and repairs to keep up with all that summer fun.

If you need replacement jet ski fuel filters, jet ski fuel pumps, or other equipment to get your jet ski back up and running on the water, Quantum Fuel Systems has what you need. To learn more about our replacement fuel pumps and fuel filters, contact Quantum Fuel Systems today.