Why You Need A Power Equipment Complete Fuel System Kit

fuel filter Whether it is a fuel pump, fuel filter, or any other part of your fuel system, having to replace parts is expensive and inconvenient. Everyone knows that keeping parts maintained is a good way to not have to replace them as often, whether you are talking card, motorcycles, ATVs, or even bicycles. Focusing on ATVs (A very popular choice, as the demand for sport ATVs was around 180,000 units in 2016, and about 41,000 were sold in just the first quarter of 2017), there is a product offered by Walbro called a Power Equipment Complete Fuel System Kit. Below is a list of the products included and why you need them:

Scented Fuel Treatment

The first product offered in this bundle is Walbro's 4 ounce scented fuel treatment. According to Walbro's site, the fuel treatment will: "protect your fuel system from harmful effect of ethanol with a pleasant evergreen scent." In a general sense, fuel treatment helps to stop fuel lines from freezing (Allowing your ATV to be parked outside if need be) by removing water from your ATV fuel lines.

Carburetor and Fuel System Cleaner

The second product offered in this bundle is 6.25 ounces of Walbro's Carburetor and Fuel System Cleaner. This product is advertised as a "Specially formulated blend of cleaners and lubricants". Its purpose is to rid your fuel system of varnish build-up and corrosives. The product protects your entire fuel system from corrosion. Not having to replace parts such as fuel filters and your ATV fuel pump will keep your ATV out in the world and out of the garage.

Power Equipment Duster

The third and final product in this bundle is the Power Equipment Duster. The purpose of the duster is to get rid of dirt and debris from your power equipment. Examples of parts cleaned by this include your engine, fuel system, and air cleaner.

Keeping your fuel system maintained can give your parts longevity and keep your ATV where it belongs: out on the road and in nature, not in the garage needing parts replaced. For all your ATV part needs, consider Quantum Fuel Systems.