The Main Advantages of an Electric ATV Fuel Pump

atv fuel pump replacement

A well-functioning fuel pump is essential to the operation of any motor vehicle. If your engine is running too rich and rough, it will guzzle gas and pollute the air. If there is not enough fuel being pumped, your engine can stall or misfire and your ATV, jet ski, motorcycle, snowmobile, or whatever vehicle you happen to be operating will stall. In North America, most snowmobile owners drive as many as 1,250 miles on average -- thus, even minor differences in efficiency can add up. If your snowmobile or ATV's engine is running too rich or too lean, it is likely time for you to look into ATV fuel pump replacement.

Today, ATV drivers have a choice between newer ATV electric fuel pumps and the classic mechanical fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps use a diaphragm or a plunger mechanism to move fuel from the tank to the carburetor, while electric pumps use electrical components to create positive pressure within the fuel lines, supplying the engine with a precise, consistent amount of fuel. ATVs operating with electric fuel pumps can expect the following important benefits.

Can operate at higher pressures

The negative pressures created by diaphragm and plunger-model mechanical fuel pumps have a limit for the strength of the pressure they can create. While satisfactory for carburetors, fuel injection systems require higher pressures to operate efficiently. Electric fuel pumps can generate the 40-60 psi levels which these newer systems require to perform best.

Improved fuel economy

A number of factors conspire to maximize the fuel efficiency of vehicles operating using an electric fuel pump. These electrical systems can gauge fuel consumption more closely by the electronic control unit, allowing for more intelligent fuel use. Additionally, electric fuel pumps have lower resistance than their mechanical counterparts.

Greater fuel type flexibility

If you would like a wider variety of choices when filling your ATV's tank, you need an electric fuel pump. An electric fuel pump can provide fuel injection systems with either diesel or regular gasoline.

If the time has come for you to start looking into ATV fuel pump replacement, look no further than the electric fuel pumps available through Quantum Fuel Systems.