atv fuel pump

Your ATV fuel filter is what helps to keep dirt and rust particles out of your fuel. Located in the internal combustion engine, your fuel filter serves the vital function of providing your ATV with good, clean fuel.

Unfortunately, clogged fuel filters are a common problem with many ATVs. If you overlook this problem, your ATV will start performing strangely or may fail to start altogether.

Why does a clogged fuel filter keep my ATV from starting?

When too much dirt and grime has clogged your fuel filter, it can prevent the fuel from getting to your engine. This might be a blessing in disguise. After all, you don't want contaminated fuel running grime in and out of your engine and causing an even bigger problem later on.

But it's still frustrating for your ATV not to work when you want it to. And it can be even more frustrating to try to change out your fuel filters because it isn't an easy job.

Your fuel filter is located at the end of the fuel pump in the fuel tank. You need to remove it, remove your fuel tank, drain your fuel tank, and replace your fuel filter with a new one.

You'll also need to remove your fuel line while you're replacing the filter because the fuel filter and line are attached. It's recommended to let a mechanic do this part of the job unless you're skilled in repairing ATVs and dirt bikes.

How do I know for sure if the problem is my fuel filter?

There are many different problems that can mimic a clogged fuel filter. Rather than a clogged fuel filter, your ATV could be suffering from a clogged jet, stuck float, bad spark plug, bad stator, or bad valves.

How do you know for sure it's the fuel filter and not another issue? Consider the how long it's been since the last time you've changed your fuel filter.

If it's been a year, it may be time to change the filter. You know you have a deeper issue with your ATV when the problem persists after you've replaced your filter.

Do you need a new ATV fuel pump or filter?

There were 41,000 ATVs sold in the U.S. between January and March 2017. However, your ATV won't feel like new forever if you don't give it the proper maintenance it needs.

Whether you need a new ATV fuel pump or fuel filters, Quantum Fuel Systems has you covered. To learn more about our ATV fuel pump replacements and fuel filters, contact Quantum Fuel Systems today.