motorcycle fuel system

When something's wrong with your motorcycle, it can be hard to tell whether it's the fuel pump that needs to be replaced or if the fuel filter is blocked with sediment. It can be even more challenging to figure out this problem if you've been running on low-quality fuel.

To help you with your process of elimination, here's how you can figure out if the issue is with your fuel pump or your bike's fuel filter.

Is there fuel flowing?

Check the fuel flow between the tanks and the fuel pump. Open your shut-off valve to determine whether there's fuel flowing from the fuel filters and into the fuel pump.

If the fuel is flowing freely, odds are your fuel filters are working fine. But if your fuel is barely present or isn't flowing at all, you may need to clean and replace your fuel filters. It's most likely the sediment that's keeping the fuel from getting to the fuel pump and running your bike.

Is your fuel pump delivering fuel?

In most cases, your fuel pump will prime itself when your power up your motorcycle. Turn your motorcycle on and turn your engine cut-off switch on. Try to see if you can hear your fuel pump priming itself.

Your fuel pump will prime itself by pumping approximately five to 10 times before it's ready for operation. If you're listening to your fuel pump and you only hear one pumping sound and nothing else, there could be a problem with your fuel pump and not your fuel filters.

There are a few problems that could be at play here. Either your motorcycle has an electrical issue such as a break in the circuit, your fuel pump has corroded with wear and tear, or another kind of failure is happening with the pump.

How do I know if the problem is electrical?

To confirm if your fuel pump is receiving the electricity it needs to pump fuel, you'll need to do some kind of power-testing such as using a voltmeter. A fuel pump that isn't receiving electricity most likely has corroded or loose connections, broken wires, or blown fuses.

If the electrical seems to work fine, the problem may be with your fuel pump itself. It could be time for a replacement.

Need a motorcycle fuel system replacement?

In 2017 alone, up to 427,000 motorcycles were purchased. Maintenance is crucial to keep your bike running like new.

Fortunately, whether you need a replacement fuel pump for your bike or a new motorcycle fuel system, Quantum Fuel Systems has you covered. To learn more about our motorcycle fuel systems and motorcycle fuel pump repairs, contact Quantum Fuel Systems today.