fuel pump repair

The fuel pump is a critical part of any automotive vehicle, from ATVs to snowmobiles. Without a working fuel pump, your fuel won't be able to get to the engine and your snowmobile won't run.

But how do you know when your snowmobile fuel pump is on the fringes before it completely dies?

3 Signs Your Fuel Pump Needs To Be Replaced

In most cases, your snowmobile fuel pump won't outright fail without letting you know it needs to be replaced with a few key warning signs. You just need to be aware of the warning signs before your snowmobile stops working.

Here are three things you need to pay attention to when it comes to your snowmobile's fuel pump this winter:

  1. Your engine is cranking. If your engine turns over or it cranks but won't start, it could be a sign that your fuel pump needs to be replaced. However, don't assume it's your fuel pump before checking the timing belt and your spark plugs. Only replace your fuel pump if those two things are in good working condition.
  2. Your snowmobile frequently loses power. You may have something wrong with your fuel system rather than your fuel pump if your snowmobile frequently loses power when you're driving at a high speed or going uphill. But if the problem causing your power failure isn't the fuel filter and your snowmobile is losing power whether you're going fast or slow it could be a sign your fuel pump is on the fritz and needs to be replaced.
  3. Your snowmobile loses power when you drive from a dead stop. Your fuel pump needs to provide fuel to your engine when you apply the accelerator to drive off from a dead stop. A bad fuel pump won't be able to do that. This causes your engine to stutter and stop before you're able to take off. It's possible the issue with your snowmobile is a bad oxygen sensor, but if your oxygen sensor is working fine the problem is most likely your fuel pump.

Do You Need A Fuel Pump Repair?

The average snowmobilers drivers up to 1,250 miles in the U.S. every year. But you won't be driving anywhere without a replacement fuel pump. If you're looking for a snowmobile fuel pump repair, Quantum Fuel Systems has the equipment you need to get back on the slopes.