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AEM 340LPH E85 High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump w/ Installation Kit 65mm, 50-1215

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0.79 LBS
AEM's 340LPH E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pumps feature robust internal construction that is designed to withstand the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol fuels, and are tested to work with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline. Its compact, short body design (65mm length) with mounting hooks also makes it ideal in universal applications that have fuel tanks with tight tolerances.

The AEM 340LPH E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump is designed for in-tank mounting on high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles. It features a compact 39mm diameter that fits most applications and an offset inlet design that eases installation.
340 LPH
Min Voltage Input:
6 Volts
Max Voltage Input:
18 Volts
There is a one-year limited warranty on most AEM products. This warranty only applies to the original customer and is non-transferable. Improper use or installation of the product voids this warranty, and Quantum is not responsible for incidental costs resulting from the failure of the product. Please contact AEM technical support directly with your batch code prior to making a warranty request. For more information regarding AEM warranties, please read our support article here.