Whipple Superchargers


Whipple, when translated into proper English, means ''insane power''. Whipple's twin-screw supercharger systems power some of the most power Mustangs ever to be built. Whipple's highly efficient Mustang superchargers are able to boost total power outputs by up to 200 horsepower on the 5.0L Coyote engine. Whipple was founded by none other than Art Whipple in 1987 to supply advanced (for their time) twin-screw superchargers to performance enthusiasts. Art had been in the drag racing scene since the early '70s and took all of his racing knowledge to building his powerful supercharger kits. The modern Whipple Mustang supercharger was born in 2004 when Whipple's company partnered with the Eaton Corporation to produce their most power twin-screw supercharger yet that then found its way into the Ford GT supercar.