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Maximum Motorsports Springs for Torque-arm Equipped Mustangs
To take full advantage of the improved rear suspension geometry of the MM Torque-arm Suspension System, the rear spring rate must be changed. The bind-free MM Torque-arm increases rear grip so much that the rear spring rate needs to be raised in order to increase the rear roll resistance. This will take some cornering load off of the front tires, which will reduce understeer. Please call the MM Tech line for assistance in selecting the most appropriate rear spring for your combination!

After many years of tuning suspensions around the springs that were available, we concluded that designing our own line of springs would better suit the needs of our customers. To deliver the results our customers expect, MM's Engineering Team collaborated with a major spring manufacturer to develop these top quality springs. The resulting MM Springs provide just the right blend of aggressive stance, improved performance, and ride quality.

We currently offer springs for Torque-arm equipped Mustangs in two rates. The amount of lowering matches that of the MM Road & Track springs, and the H&R Race and Super race spring sets: Typical lowering is 1.1" to 1.4".

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