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Mustang Springs - MM Performance Springs
New Page 1 After years of tuning Mustang suspensions around spring rates that were available, we determined that designing custom springs would better suit our needs. MM's Engineering Team has begun working with a major spring manufacturer to develop our own spring sets. These are top quality springs, made to our specifications.

MM Springs will be available in a variety of spring rates. The choice of which MM Spring is best suited for your car depends on the intended use. We will have some springs that are intended primarily as lowering springs, and are therefore only slightly stiffer than stock springs. We will also have performance springs, intended for the performance-minded driver, with higher spring rates.

The new MM Springs are designed with less progression than other spring brands. The more linear nature of the MM Springs makes the amount of lowering more consistent, and handling more predictable. Except for the Open-Track series, the MM Springs are intended to be suitable for a daily driven car, and as such we have designed the MM Springs with just the right blend of performance and ride quality. Knowledgeable performance enthusiasts know that lowering a car too much is a sure-fire way to destroy a car’s handling ability, and so the MM Springs are designed to avoid excessive lowering. And of course, these sets all include a new MM Pinion Snubber.

The first of the MM Spring sets are now available. We will roll out more applications as they are developed. Keep checking here for the latest offerings.

To choose the appropriate spring for your car, follow these steps:
  • Find your vehicle application (year and model).
  • Choose a Spring Type, based on your intended Usage
    Open-Track springs are for customers with a focus on open-tracking, or a weekend street car
    Road & Track springs are for those focused on high performance street and moderate track use
    Street Performance springs offer an aggressive stance and improve performance while maintaining ride quality suitable for daily-driven cars.
  • Order by part number.

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