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1994-98 Mustang - Extreme Duty Control Arms
New Page 1 Extreme Duty control arms will improve performance on the street, at the strip, and on the road course. While they were originally designed for dedicated strip-only Mustangs, in reality, they are not just for Drag Racing; they also improve performance in Road Racing and Street Performance applications.

They are suitable for use on street-driven Mustangs, as well as Mustangs used for drag racing, open-tracking, autocrossing, and road racing. They will improve handling and traction, with only a small compromise in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

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  Extreme Duty control arms are ideal for:
  • Mustangs that are ever launched from a standing start. This means a drag race style of start from a dead stop, including both on the street and at the strip. This even includes a Mustang with only moderate horsepower (under 400 rwhp).
  • Mustangs with the higher horsepower level typical of forced induction or a stroker engine
  • Mustangs that need precise control of the rear axle location for open-tracking.
2 different types of the MM Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms are available:

Ride height adjustable and non-adjustable.

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1994-98 Mustang - Extreme Duty Control Arms - Adjustable Control Arms
New Page 1 Adjustable Control Arms allow you to raise the rear ride height by up to 2 inches, or lower it as much as 1 inch. The spring perch design allows easy...More Details »
1994-98 Mustang - Extreme Duty Control Arms - Non-adjustable Control Arms
New Page 1 Non-adjustable control arms have a fixed-position spring perch that maintains the same ride height as a stock control arm, and a swaybar mount that...More Details »