Quantum Fuel Systems - Extreme Duty Control Arms,T-bird

1983-88 Thunderbird - Extreme Duty Control Arms,T-bird
New Page 1 Extreme Duty control arms will improve performance on the street, at the strip, and on the road course. While they were originally designed for dedicated strip-only cars, in reality, they are not just for Drag Racing; they also improve performance in Road Racing and Street Performance applications.

They are suitable for use on street-driven Thunderbirds, as well as T-birds used for drag racing, open-tracking, autocrossing, and road racing. They will improve handling and traction, with only a small compromise in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

Click on the Tech Info button below for technical information about MM Extreme Duty control arms. While any references in the tech pages specifically mention Mustangs, the Thunderbird arms follow the same design, but are designed for the appropriate T-bird length.
  Extreme Duty control arms are ideal for:
  • Thunderbirds that are ever launched from a standing start. This means a drag race style of start from a dead stop, including both on the street and at the strip. This even includes a T-bird with only moderate horsepower (under 400 rwhp).
  • Thunderbirds with the higher horsepower level typical of forced induction or a stroker engine
  • T-birds that need precise control of the rear axle location for open-tracking.
Note: Extreme Duty control arms for Thunderbirds are built-to-order. Allow 4-6 weeks.

2 different types of the MM Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms are available:

Ride height adjustable and non-adjustable.

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