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Mustang Rear Swaybars - MM Adjustable Swaybar
New Page 1 The MM Adjustable rear Swaybars provide the ability to easily alter the handling balance of the car. Having the ability to fine-tune the handling balance of a Mustang is critical to achieving the best possible handling. This ability is a key step in optimizing handling performance. Neutral balance may be found on a knife-edge between understeer and oversteer. Racers sometimes adjust their car’s balance several times during a race weekend. Changing track conditions, deteriorating tire grip, and even different drivers will all require that changes be made to the rear roll stiffness, to balance the car.

Bolt-in vs. Weld-in Kits We offer two basic types of kits, bolt-in or weld-in. The chassis mount brackets of the bolt-in kits are attached to holes that must be drilled into the rear subframe of the car, near the rear springs. On 1996-04 cars the access to drill the holes is restricted by a change in the rear unibody structure—it may require the use of a right-angle drill motor and short drill bits. Even on the pre-1996 cars installation is much quicker with the weld-in kits than the bolt-in kits because of the time it takes to drill the holes. The weld-in kits have slightly different brackets that are lighter and have a cleaner installed appearance. The rest of the two kits are identical.

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