Quantum Fuel Systems - Mustang Torque-Arm

Solid Axle Rear Suspension - Mustang Torque-Arm
New Page 1 Do you want the ultimate rear suspension for street driving, drag racing, autocross, and the open-track?

If you do, you need a Maximum Motorsports Torque-arm suspension system.
With it you will have:
  • Dramatically increased rear grip.
  • Improved launching at the drag strip.
  • Elimination of wheel hop during hard acceleration.
  • Improved cornering ability.
  • Improved wet weather traction.
  • Improved handling predictability.

  • 2 versions are available: Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty.
  • For 8.8" solid-axle equipped 1979-04 Mustangs.
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  For details, or to purchase, scroll down and choose either a Standard-Duty or Heavy-Duty Torque-arm.

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