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New Page 1 Bumpsteer kits are used to adjust and correct the bumpsteer on your Mustang.

What is "bumpsteer"?
  • Changes in the steering angle of the tires caused solely by vertical motion of the suspension.
  • Excessive bumpsteer makes the car feel unstable and unpredictable because it will abruptly change direction without any input from the driver.
  • Bumpsteer can be caused by anything that causes the suspension to move vertically; bumps in the road, body roll, brake dive, etc.
Which style: Bolt-through spindle or Tapered stud?
  • Bolt-through style is for MM K-members that require a larger range of adjustment.
  • Tapered-stud style is for stock and other k-members that require only a moderate range of adjustment.
For details, technical information, or to purchase, click on the appropriate bumpsteer kit for your Mustang below.

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