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Replace your fuel pump and realize your tank seal has disintegrated? Get back in the dirt easily, quickly, and cheaply by replacing your fuel pump assembly tank seal!

Replacing your fuel pump assembly tank seal is a vital part of the fuel pump replacement process. A new Viton tank seal ensures the assembly and the tank itself are sealed from outside contaminants and, more importantly, sealed from emitting fuel vapors into the cabin or atmosphere. In most cases, OE tank seals are made of conventional rubber, which degrade over time, becoming brittle, and subsequently losing their sealing ability.

Quantum tank seals are exclusively from Viton, a synthetic rubber used in all modern fuel systems. With modern pump gasoline now infused with as much as 15% ethanol, rubber seals, o-rings, hoses, and other fuel system components must be compatible with multiple fuel blends. Viton seals and o-rings are impervious to ethanol and other chemicals which degrade conventional rubber over time, ensuring fuel system longevity in all applications using intank electric fuel pumps: automotive, powersports, motorcycles, and others.

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