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AN Fittings

Finding the best AN fittings for any type of high flow performance fuel injection system is important for getting the best performance out of your vehicle. We here at High Flow Performance have one of the largest selection of fittings and hoses for your high efficient automotives. Having the right fitting can make all the difference when you are looking for a tight and secure fitting for your connection. There are many reasons why having the right fitting is important to ensuring your vehicle is operating at it's maximize potential. We here at High Flow Performance have been providing our clients with the best fuel inject pump assemblies as well as many other parts since we opened in 2006.

The purpose of the AN fittings is to connect flexible hoses to ridged metal tubing that carries fluid. It is used mostly for fuel injection systems since it was first used in the US military. The AN actually stands for Army and Navy who agreed upon a standard joint to save on cost and fabrication time. Now you will find that many high powered engines such as racing and the hydraulic industries use the same fittings for their high performance engines, which also includes off road racing as well as drag racing and NASCAR.

The right AN fittings can make all the difference

Having the right type of AN fittings for your high flow performance engines can help with the performance of your vehicle. Any time you want to connect any type of flexible hoses to ridged metal tubing having a fitting that will not leak is important to ensure not only safety but also the performance of the vehicle and its engine. Here at High Flow Performance we understand that and that having the right part will make all the difference in the way your vehicle will operate. That is why we have taken the time to provide all of our clients with only the best possible fittings for their needs.

Here at High Flow Performance we have been providing the highest quality parts including AN fittings to our clients since we started in 2006. This has provided us with a better understanding of what our clients need as well as what they want for their vehicles. We have been specializing in creating custom single and dual 255LPH and 340LPH in take fuel pump assemblies. You will find many of our custom assemblies are used in everything from GMS Syclones and Typhoons to Audi A4 Turbo and the 99+ GM Trucks. We have established a well trained staff that understands what you want for your high performance vehicle.

When you have questions about any, AN fittings or any other type of technical support we are always here to assist you. You can send us an email at or you can always call us. You can call 818-574-FUEL or 818-574-3835 and one of our representatives will assist you with finding the right part you need for your vehicle. We will also provide you with prices that are the best when it comes to our high quality parts.