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Welcome to the next generation in race plumbing and safety. Speedlox locks and seals your 37 degree hose end to the fitting with only hand tightening. No more worry of inadvertent "back off" creating leaks at the connection. The Speedlox patented dual-locking system, locks both the hose end and the locking sleeve to the main fitting body. Thermal cycling combined with the inherent vibration of a mahine during operation creates this costly condition. With the patent pending Teflon sealing system, leaks or weeping at the hose end or fitting connection are a thing of the past. The most unique features of Speedlox is that you only have to hand tighten the connection to seal it, then push the locking sleeve forward to lock it. Speedlox will never cross-thread with the patented "B" nut guide.

U.S. Patent# 5882044
Patent Pending
Made in U.S.A.

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